6 Ways To Improve the Performance of Your Hot Tank or Jet Washer

1. Keep tramp oil and sludge deposits out of your cleaning solution
Tramp oil and sludge deposits make your solution less effective. Caustic is still trying to “clean” the leftover sludge and oil. Periodically, dip out or clean sediment from your machine. Your solution will last longer and be more effective on the parts you want cleaned.

2. Use agitation to aid in grime removal
Movement of the solution or the parts being cleaned will aid in the removal of soil particles. Suspended particles are carried away, exposing new area to be cleaned.

3. Keep pH level constant
Maintain pH level just high enough to continue good cleaning results. Too little solution concentration will not be effective in removing grime. Too much solution concentration will be wasteful. Liquid in the machine has a saturation point. After 100% saturation has occurred, any additional cleaning agent is wasted.

4. Keep the thermostat set at the proper temperature
Keep the thermostat set at the recommended temperature according to the manufacturer of your cleaning tank. Usually 160° to 170°F for aluminum and 180° to 190°F for cast iron.

5. Eliminate foam inefficiency
Since foam has very little cleaning power, prevent it from happening and get maximum performance from your machine. To revitalize de-foaming agents that are lost during repeated cleaning cycles, use Goodson De-Foaming Agent (Order No. D-FOAM-128). It is sold in ten ounce or one gallon containers for hot tanks, jet washers and coolant sumps. Just one ounce will treat 50 gallons of solution.

6. Use top-quality cleaning detergents
For hot tanks or jet washers, we recommend Goodson Concentrated Detergents. We offer a detergent for ferrous parts (Order No. D-CI25) which features strong alkaline to remove dirt, heavy oil and grease, carbon, light rust and paint. Our detergent for non-ferrous parts (Order No. D-AL50) is safe for aluminum and other sensitive metals, plus rubber and plastic parts. It effectively removes heavy grease and oil.  For jet sprays, we offer our Pro Jet Spray Cleaner (Order No. PJS-50), a heavy-duty, non-caustic cleaner which quickly penetrates and emulsifies encrusted dirt, grease and oil on both cast iron and aluminum. This cleaner will not foam excessively in highly agitated jet sprays.

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