Increase the life of your crankshaft polisher with routine maintenance

Help stop premature motor failure by simply spending a few seconds every day to perform routine maintenance on your polisher.

  • Use regulated compressed air or a vacuum to remove abrasive and metal particles that have accumulated in the electric motor during normal operation.
  • Remove frayed belt threads that collect on roller bearings.
  • Spin rollers and check for smooth, quiet operation. Replace them as necessary.
  • Avoid belt run-off. Correct this by checking frame alignment and the condition of the roller crown. (A crown of .030″ minimum is required for correct tracking.)
  • Use a sensible amount of down pressure while operating the unit. If an undesirable finish is produced and you think that using more down pressure is the answer… chances are, it will not improve the finish. We recommend using an alternative belt or our Crankshaft Polishing Rouge (Order No. CPR-16). The polishing rouge will enhance this process and give a superior finish.
  • Remember… the crankshaft polisher has a fractional horsepower motor that is designed for high RPM, not heavy loads. When using wide belts, lift the unit to help limit unnecessary load. Avoiding excessive down-pressure also minimizes belt distortion that causes deformation around oil passages and hourglass-shaped journals.

Should you need to replace any parts of your crankshaft journal polisher, Goodson offers a wide selection of replacement parts to help keep it working effectively.

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