News from Darien & Grisel Racing

News from Darien & Grisel Racing

We finally got to go racing after 12 weeks off.  Our Seattle Regional was postponed due to an unfavorable weather forecast for that weekend.  The final outcome was to have the Seattle make-up race in conjunction with the Regional Woodburn race, the first attempt at a double regional event.

The marathon started with parking Tuesday and testing on Wednesday.  Our only test run produced a 5.59 at 261.  An ok start.

First qualifying run was a considerably better 5.39 at 271 which placed us number three qualifier.  With the double event format, we would only get two runs to qualify, and the double event brought out twelve cars to try for the eight spots.

The next run we could only muster a 5.43 at 267.  But no one else was able to step-up, leaving us number three qualifiers.

First round of eliminations on Friday Casey had a .043 light and the car went 5.39 again at 269 for the win.  Semifinal Casey had a .049 light, but the car fell off to another 5.43 at 267.  Trailing Garrett Bateman’s 5.36.

Saturday was qualifying and first round for the Woodburn race.  Our first run gave us a nice 5.36 at 270 and our second run fell off to a 5.46 at 269 and we ended up number six qualifier.

First round we were off to a good start with Casey’s .002 light and a decent 60-foot time but about 200 feet it smoked the tires and put two cylinders out and our 5.70 got beat by a 5.60.  Not the way we wanted to go out.

When the smoke cleared, we had moved up to number twelve in the World standings and fourth in the West Region.  We also won the honor of being the Jegs Allstar West Region representatives.  That means we will be heading to Indianapolis for the US Nationals and the Jegs Allstars race.

We sincerely want to thank everyone who had helped us to make this happen.

Thank you,

 Jerry Darien & Casey Grisel

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