This Week at Goodson | October 10, 2022

This Week at Goodson | October 10, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Product Spotlight | Super Scrapers
  2. Tech Notes from the Techxperts™ | 3-Angle Seat Cutting Tips
  3. Bonus Tech Video | Counterbore Cutting with the 3-D Fast Cut  
  4. Did You Know? Address Update — Our PO Box is No Longer in Use

Super Scrapers

Super Scrapers 

People laughed when Goodson brought the Super Scraper™ to the automotive aftermarket back in 2000, but they've become so popular it's hard to keep them on the shelf. Throw in the infamous "supply chain issues" and it's been a rough couple of years.

Super Scrapers™ are in-stock and ready to ship.

What makes the Super Scraper™ so super? Here's what one of our customers had to say:

Open QuotePurchased the three pack, got sick of having to replace the blades in my other scraper, not only was it dangerous to use but on occasion would grab either digging into the casing, or breaking the blade off & sending it flying into God knows where. I service & repair marine engines & drives for a living so scraping old gaskets & cleaning, preparing surfaces for reassembly is part of my daily routine & have lost count of the amount of different so called miracle scrapers only to end up in the bin.

These SUPER SCRAPERS have proved & paid for themselves already, they are very different to the old burger flipper type scraper & take a bit to get used to.

These are a very high quality, precision tool that is designed to give you an absolute dead flat & very clean surface without removing or damaging the base material. It will remove silicone, paper & composite material, old gasket goo & even cleans off the carbon build ups on bearing journals.  Close Quote I am very happy with my you can't borrow them, go get your own.

—Allister Lewis, AJL Marine, Mulgrave Australia

Tech Tips from the Techxperts™

3-Angle Seat Cutting Tips

Use Goodson’s Carbide Pilots for precise and high-quality valve seat and bowl work.
  • Carbide Pilots help keep tooling cutting true. When cutting 3-angle seats, counterboring for seat rings or using Bowl Hogs to enlarge valve bowls, the resistance of the workpiece against the tool tries to deflect the pilot. Goodson Carbide Pilots resist this deflection five times better to keep the tool cutting precisely in its path.
  • Carbide Pilots are resistant to wear and maintain “like new” precision. Carbide Pilots are much more resistant to wear than tool steel pilots.

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Bonus VideoCounterbore Cutting with 3-D Fast Cut™

Goodson PO Box Has Been Retired

Goodson's Post Office Box was retired at the start of 2021. The post office has been forwarding any mail sent to the PO Box since then (well most of it, anyway), but that is coming to an end. 

Please update the Goodson address to the following:

WINONA, MN 55987-1455

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