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RR-58T : Factory-Style GM Steel 58 Tooth Reluctor Ring

• Single Piece Steel

RR-24T : Callies 24 Tooth Billet Steel Reluctor Ring

• For LS Engines
• Single Piece
• This is not a factory part
Both the reluctor rings are single pieces. Meaning there is more strength and will not come apart like the two piece designs.
As an added bonus, Goodson has the only patented installation tool to phase the reluctor rings in correctly!

• Fits Generation III engines : 4.8/LR4, 5.3/LM7 and 6.0/LQ4
• Aligns GM# 12559353 and 12586768 sensor rings on the crankshaft in the correct phased position
• Indexes the dowel hole of the flange to the dowel hole of the sensor ring
• US Patent No. 7,716,827

A Goodson Tech Tip

Removing the reluctor ring when reconditioning crankshafts is important as cleaning media and debris can become trapped between the ring and the crankshaft counter weight. You may also need to replace the reluctor ring if it has become damaged or if it hangs up.

Heat the reluctor ring to 450 degrees F, then slide it onto the casting. Be sure to deburr all components before beginning assembly. Any sharp edges will cause the reluctor ring to catch on the casting, making assembly impossible.

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