3-D Fast Cut™ Tool Setting Fixture

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Proper tooling set-up is key in a quality valve job. This setting-fixture for the 3-D Fast Cut™ system is designed to take the guess-work out of set-up.


1. Position the pointer to the desired seat location on the face of the valve where you want the top of the seat area to contact the valve. Remove the tool setting fixture and transfer onto the pilot already in place within the ball head.

2. Slide the tip holder onto the ball head. Move it in or-out by turning the side adjustment screw until the tool setting stylus contacts the desired seat area on the carbide tip profile. Lock in place with the two tip holder screws located at the bottom of the ball head.

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3D-TSFA Complete Tool | 3D-TSFA $144.99
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