Brake Shoe Grinding Sleeves

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These abrasive sleeves are made to fit most brake shoe grinder models. Select by ID, Length and Grit.

NOTE: AS-7 fits Ammco 2007 only; AS-8 fits Shepard-Thompson and AS-11 fits Star.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
AS-2 3"ID x 5-1/4"ID x 40 Grit $5.99
AS-3 3"ID x 6"ID x 40 Grit $4.99
AS-4 3"ID x 6-5/8"L x 40 Grit $6.99
AS-6 3"ID x 7-1/2"L x 40 Grit $6.99
AS-8 4"ID x 6"L x 24Grit $3.85