Intake or Exhaust Valve Guides for Shovel Head 80"

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Measurment Diagram for Shovel & Pan Head Guiides
 A B C D E F G Manganese Bronze Cast Iron Replaces
.450" .540" .755" 1.370" .745" .3745 .6250" 20-2050M 20-2050C HVG-5400
.6260" 20-2051M 20-2051C HVG-5401
.6270" 20-2052M 20-2052C HVG-5402
.6500" 20-50HSM 20-50HSC HVG-5425


Kibblewhite Valve Guides from Goodson provide superior airflow. Guide profiles are designed to have as little effect on the air stream as possible while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas. 

All valve guides are designed for tight tolerances. High concentricity tolerances are held to ensure the best possible geometry between the seat and guide is maintained when the guides are replaced.

Cast Iron Guides. KPMI® has produced a proprietary cast iron blend that thrives in the tough operating conditions of today's engines. This certified cast iron provides excellent wear resistance and a superior guide bore finish that is easy on valve stems.

Manganese Bronze Guides. Easily reamed, these guides can be delicately finished with high quality flex-hones. Now, with any battery operated or electric drill you can ream and hone manganese bronze valve guides.

Use with 71011 Viton Valve Seals

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
20-2050M .6250" | Manganese Bronze $9.05
20-2051M .6260" | Manganese Bronze $9.05
20-2052M .6270" | Manganese Bronze $9.05
20-50HSM .6500" | Manganese Bronze $9.05
20-2050C .6250" | Cast Iron $6.09
20-2051C .6260" | Cast Iron $6.09
20-2052C .6270" | Cast Iron $6.09
20-50HSC .6500" | Cast Iron $6.09