New & Improved Black Diamond Valve Guide Honing System

The Hyper-Finish Valve Guide Honing System at work

The original Hyper-Finish Diamond Valve Guide Honing System was introduced by Goodson back in 2010. It was made entirely by hand which, unfortunately, led to variations in quality, sizing and availability. 

The New & Improved Black Diamond Valve Guide Honing System is now manufactured entirely on CNC machines, eliminating human error and ensuring better availability. The abrasives are electroplated and will fit both old and new style mandrels. 

Check out this Video from Goodson's Tech Lab Trade Show

You can purchase the Black Diamond Valve Guide Honing System as a kit that includes the four most common sizes or you can purchase individual mandrels and abrasives. It's up to you. 

Tech Tips from the Techxperts™

We've had a couple of calls recently wondering why the stones are loading up all of a sudden, only to find out the users have switched from the Diamond Honing Oil Goodson recommends to a "cheaper" oil. Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for." Just because an oil is cheaper doesn't mean it's going to save you money. The Diamond Honing Oil (DHO-10 or DHO-50) is formulated specifically to work with these diamond abrasives. It will give you the finish you're looking for, keep the stones from loading up and run cooler even under high pressure honing.