W47-J11 | 70 grit Sunnen Honing Stones | 4.7" to 1`5.0" Range | Hard Sleeves


Order No. W47-J11

The Sunnen® AN-136 70 Grit Honing Stones have integral holders and come in 4-piece sets that include 2 stones and 2 aluminum wipers. These honing stones will fit both Sunnen® AN and Goodson GH hones.

  • 4.7" - 15.0" range (119.4-381mm)*
  • For Hard Sleeves and Steel
  • Give a 55Ra finish
  • Also Known As Sunnen W47-J11

*Use with Master Holder Sets and Stone Supports to hone diameters over 6" (sold separately). See related products.

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NOTE: GOODSON is authorized to ship Sunnen products only within the United States.