Ball Head Replacement Screws & Allen Keys

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All Goodson ball heads include adjusting screws on the side and on the bottom. As with most tiny parts, they wear or get lost from time to time. Use the following chart to select the right parts for your ball head (click image for larger view). 


Ball Head Adjustment Screw Selection Chart


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Order No. Description Price Quantity
3D-68 Side Screw for 3D-BH375/3D-BH375L/3D-BH385 & 3D-BH437 $4.99
3D-615 Side Screw for 3D-BH375W $4.99
3D-58 Side Screw for 3D-BH-236 $4.99
3D-56 Base Screw for 3D-BH375/3D-BH375L/3D-BH385 & 3D-BH437 $1.99
3D-66 Base Screw for 3D-BH375W $1.99
3D-55 Base Screw for 3D-BH236 $1.99
3D-3.0 3.0MM Allen Key $1.99
3D-2.5 2.5MM Allen Key $1.99