BLG-1000 | Bucket Lifter Grinder Assembly

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. BLG-1000

  • Machine just the bucket lifter!
  • Fast and accurate
  • Save time — measure once, then remove the material from inside the Bucket Lifter instead of machining the stem height and finding the right VAD thickness or grinding the seat to meet your specs
  • Micrometer feed shows how much material is being removed
  • Confirm with dial indicator and bridge (included)
  • Use right at your assembly station
  • Works with most Bucket Style Lifters, including with VADs
  • Complete Assembly includes Air Driver, CBN Cutter, Micrometer Feed Body,
  • Dial Indicator and Indicator Base
  • US Patent Number US 10456887

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use.