CRK-150 | .235" Complete Crack Repair Kit


Order No. CRK-150
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The complete kit includes: 

  • 100- .235" x 15/16 Threaded iron plugs (CRP-235)
  • High Speed Steel Drill (CRD-235)
  • High Speed Steel Tapered Reamer (CRR-235)
  • High Speed Steel Tapered Tap (CRT-235)
  • Cut-Off Saw with Blade (CR-SAW)
  • Replacement Saw Blade (CR-BLADE)
  • All Weather Seal - 16 oz. (AWS-16)
  • Ceramic Motor Seal - 16 oz. (CRS-16)
  • Cutting & Tapping Fluid (CTF-14) - Aerosol

All packed in a heavy duty plastic storage case. The kit also includes a printed copy of the Crack Repair Manual.

Get the Crack Repair Manual.