Dodge/Cummins 5.9L 12V Black Lightning Diesel Performance Valves


Black Lightning Diesel Performance Valves are designed for maximum efficiency, withstanding the extreme conditions of a turbo diesel engine. Exhaust valves use an Inconel 751 head and intake valves have 21-N4 stainess steel heads. Both intake and exhaust valves emply a mid stem "friction weld."

All Black Lightning Diesel Performance Valves have a hardened tip and a black nitride finish to the entire valve, including the top of the valve. The seat face remains precision machined.

All QualFast Performance Valves are sold in matched sets of 8. To order the full set, be sure to enter 8 for the quantity.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
QC77165008 Exhaust | 1.654" Head Dia. | 0.3132" Stem Dia. | 0.236" Tip | 5.081" OAL | 77-165008 $36.57
QC77177008 Intake | 1.772" Head Dia. | 0.3138" Stem Dia. | 0.236" Tip | 5.084" OAL | 77-177008 $14.45