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Use the GOODSON Glow Crack Detection sprays to find surface cracks in cast iron and aluminum.

GOODSON Glow Cleaner (GLO-1) is used to pre-clean area to be checked by spraying thoroughly only. Wipe clean and repeat if necessary. Do not abrasive clean area as it closes cracks

GOODSON Glow Penetrant Dye (GLO-2) is used to show where cracks may be. Generously spray on pre-cleaned area to be checked. Allow penetrant dye to stand 1 to 5 minutes for normal cracks and 20 minutes or more for extremely fine cracks. After penetration time, Wipe off excess dye to avoid false readings. To remove excess dye, spray cleaner (GLO-1) on clean shop towel, and wipe area.

GOODSON Glow Developer (GLO-3) is used to develop the dye color. Shake can well until agitator rattles. Spray a thin even layer of developer over entire area to be inspected. Several light applications are better than one heavy application. Allow developer 30-60 seconds to dry thoroughly. INSPECT for location of crack indicator as a florescent yellow. Inspect: Under black light, cracks will show up as bright, glowing florescent yellow on white background.

Download the Safety Data Sheets: GLO-1 | GLO-2 | GLO-3

A Hazardous Materials Fee is required to ship by air. Please call or email Goodson for more information.


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