GS-PBS-1 : White Aluminum Oxide Resurfacing Segments

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. GS-PBS-1

Use the GS-PBS-1 Aluminum-Oxide Abrasive Segments to resurface Steel and Hardened Metal heads on your Peterson/Peterson Berco, Winona Van Norman and Storm Vulcan Cylinder Head Resurfacing Machines (see below for models).

  • 2.56" Wide
  • 0.98" Thick
  • 3.94" Long

For best results, GOODSON recommends replacing your cylinder head resurfacing segments in full sets

Peterson/Peterson Berco 1055 AWL, RSC950 (std.), SYP330, -360, -1000, -1300, RSC120, -1550, RPYS1500 models
Winona Van Norman SM-2000, SM-4000/5000, MG-4000, SM-6000C/-6000A & MG-3000/3850 models
Storm Vulcan RT7Y Late (serial no. 103152 and up) and RT 17Y Late (serial no. 128697 and up) models

NOTE: Resurfacing Segments, like all abrasives, are guaranteed for 1 year from original purchase date.