High Pressure Cleaning Wands, Assemblies, Adaptors, Etc.

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Connect the Water ... Connect the Air ... Select a Brush ... You're Set to Clean

  • Ergonomically designed grip made of billet aluminum
  • Incorporates the aggressive cleaning action of stainless steel wire brush with the hydro action of a special designed water manifold coupled with your shop air to quickly and easily clean oil gallery holes in gas and diesel engines
  • Cleaning wand is threaded to make brush changes quick and easy
  • Air/water outlet holes are drilled in a spiral to create a swirling action, enhancing the cleaning power
  • Order the Wand Assembly you want (18" or 36") then add the brush sizes you need and you're ready to start cleaning.

You can always expand your High Pressure Oil Gallery Cleaning Set by adding more brushes, wands and adaptors. The HPOG isn't just for Oil Galleries anymore!

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
HPOG-18 18" Long Steel Wand Assembly | HPOG-18 $289.99
HPOG-36 36" Long Steel Wand Assembly | HPOG-36 $339.99
HPOG-W36 36" Long Steel Wand | HPOG-W36 $65.99
HPOG-W18 18" Long Steel Wand | HPOG-W18 $53.99
HPOG-832ADP 8-32 Thread Adaptor | HPOG-832ADP $32.99
HPOG-14ADP 1/4 Pipe Thread Adaptor | HPOG-14ADP $43.99
HPOG-125NOZ 1/4" Spray Nozzle | HPOG-125NOZ $76.99