Premium Scalloped Micro Polishing Belts

Goodson Tools & Supplies

  • 5 belts per box
  • Flexible, woven cloth backing
  • Structured abrasive
  • Designed to be used with our Polishing Rouge (sold separately)
  • Colors may vary due to manufacturing process

NOTE: All abrasives have a shelf-life therefore Goodson can only guarantee these belts for 1 year from the original purchase date.

Use with Polishing Rouge (CPR-16) to achieve the highest luster finish.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
GSW-60x1 60" x 1" $42.99
GSW-64x1 64" x 1" $44.99
GSW-72x1 72" x 1" $47.99
GSW-77x1 77" x 1" $59.99