Rocker Arm Stud Conversion Kit & Parts

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The Goodson Rocker Arm Stud Conversion Kit is designed to convert pressed-in rocker arm studs to threaded studs. Using this conversion kit is as easy as:

  1. Remove the stud
  2. Face the stud boss
  3. Drill and Tap the stud hole

This kit includes the Stud Boss Facer, 3/8" Drill Bit and 7/16" x 14 Thread Tap. All items are also available separately.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
S-450-KIT Complete Conversion Kit $149.99
S-450-F Stud Boss Facer $139.99
S-373D 3/8" Drill Bit $13.99
S-437T 7/16" x 14 Thread Tap $22.99
S-373P 3/8" Pilot $51.99
S-350G 2 Piece Tap Guide $45.99