S/LG-1000 : Neway Small Engine Valve Seat Cutter Kit

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The easy-to-use Neway System is a fast and precise way to renew valve seats. Hand-operated valve seat cutters ensure greater accuracy and produce total quality work at low cost. Tungsten carbide cutter blades. Precision ground to guarantee a flat seat. Work in a range from about 3/8" smaller than the body to about 1/4" larger.

The Economy Neway Cutter Kit includes:

► 1.312" diameter, 31°/46° Cutter (NCU-102)
► .250", .297" Top Pilot (P-1250N)
► .251", .297" Top Pilot (P-1251N)
► .281", .297" Top Pilot (P-1281N)
► .312", .297" Top Pilot (P-1312N)
► .313", .297" Top Pilot (P-1313N)
► .315", .297" Top Pilot (P-1315N)
► Small Molded Plastic Case (NCA-303)
► 3/8" T-Handle Driver (NTW-513)
►Tool Set (NKA-246)

All items are also sold individually.

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