Ultrafinish Plateau Soft Hones

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. UF-5.5MM


Use Ultra-Finish Plateau Soft Hones with a portable drill to remove microscopic peaks and scuffs without enlarging bores. The abrasive impregnated bristles of the ultra-finish plateau hones give a superior plateau finish so that rings seal immediately, reducing break-in time. Use these soft hones for high-performance engine rebuilding and for newer style engines that use low-tension rings. Small sizes are ideal for valve work while larger sizes are intended for cylinders.

Choose from multiple sizes of Ultra-Finish Plateau Soft Hones for portable drills; listed smallest to largest below.

NOTE: Right hand rotation only. For best results, keep your RPM about the same as your hone RPM. Use the same rate of speed and number of strokes.