Valve Seat Inserts for Iron Head Sportster (KPMI)


These Valve Seat Inserts are specially sized for Harley-Davidson Iron Head Sportster. They are designed to effectively dissipate heat for consistent valve sealing. Each seat insert has a radiused edge for easy installation and they will harden during engine break-in. Both sizes are .315" Thick.

Kibblewhite / AV&V Crossover

10-HC466 / HVS-1757S
10-HC525 / HVS-2068

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
10-HC446 Exhaust : 1.757" x 1.371" x .315" | Replaces HVS-1757S $7.51
10-HC525 Intake: 2.068" x 1.750" x .315" | Replaces HVS-2068 $7.51