VT-KIT : Trego Electric Vacuum Tester

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Order No. VT-KIT

The Trego Electric Vacuum Tester lets you check valve to seat seal right on the bench OR in the engine compartment. No special set-up is required. The unit is equipped with a vacuum piston pump and generates up to 850 Mbar of vacuum. A built-in pressure difference control allows you to control vacuum setting accurately.

This unit is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it right to the assembled engine to diagnose problems before you start disassembly. The complete kit includes the vacuum tester, vacuum tube complete with connectors and filter, 6 vacuum plates and 4 oz. plate lube for better seal.


Maximum Vacuum: 850 MBar (12.33 PSI)
Electric Motor: 115V, 60Hz, 67 Watt
Dimensions: 9-7/8" x 6-3/4" x 4-1/2"

Gauge reads in PSI