Add versatility to your 3-angle seat cutting system

Goodson has developed new products that make your 3-angle cutting system more versatile than ever. We now offer special holders and blades to create new bowl profiles and custom size spring pads. If you have an existing system or are thinking about investing in one, keep on reading to learn more.

Start with our 3-D Fast Cut or similar 3-angle cutting system. 3-D Fast Cut is a precise and affordable valve seat refacing method. No special pilots are needed and ball heads are available to fit most popular pilots. Formtools are economical and available in many different profiles.

To upgrade to a Bowl Profiler, all you need to purchase is different tool holders and blades! The profiler tool holders use the same ball head body as in your 3-angle system. With this tooling you can machine seats and bowls on a pair of V8 heads in about 40 minutes. More economical than bowl hogs, the bowl profiler also gives you a variety of different angles to choose from. Special radius blades are also available for unshrouding valves in combustion chambers.

Our new Adjustable Spring Pad Cutters also use the same ball head body in your 3-angle system. Create a custom size spring pad by cutting ID, OD, and depth with one carbide blade. For a single spring or import use .375″ blade and for multiple springs or hi-performance use the .500″ blade. Set cutters with a micrometer (Order No. MGA-MIC) and your existing .375″ pilot to acheive a more precise sizing.

Our new Lift Clip is a must when using the Bowl Profiler or Spring Pad Cutter. It allows you to work in areas that will not accommodate bounce springs. Use with a bounce spring to reduce chatter and enhance seat cutting and finishing.

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