How to properly care for your carbide cutting tools

Carbides are more brittle than high speed steel, so it is very important that they be used with care. There are three things to remember when using carbide cutting tools:

  1. Avoid making intermittent cuts
  2. Do not turn tool in reverse of normal rotation
  3. Avoid cutting out valve seats with counterbore seat cutters

When in use, always keep carbide tools stored separately, cased in wood or plastic. If they happen to bump into other tools or machine surfaces, the carbide could chip, thus destroying the integrity of the tool. Tool Boards can esily help revent tool damage. Your Tool Board will enable you to organize and separate your tools for quick selection and safe storage. Some machines are already equipped with a Tool Board. If not, take some time to construct your own. Your productivity will automatically increase and your carbide tools will be stored safely and properly.

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