Revisiting: Buyer Beware

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you might remember this post talking about the woes of finding out that sometimes parts you buy second hand might come with an extra story lurking behind that great "deal". 

Things haven't changed too much, we still get the occasional call from folks that have bought machinery because it was too good to be true - and as much as we don't want to rain on the deal parade (we don't!) - we still want to urge you to use caution with what you purchase online. Always go into a purchase online prepared to do a little research, always check to make sure the manufacturer hasn't gone out of business, and that if you need replacements you can find them without having to go on a treasure hunt!

That's where our Goodson Techxperts™ come in! They're still here to help you on your replacement parts journey, or for any other technical questions you might have!


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