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It is hard to believe another racing season has come to an end.  The last three races in a row are a little tough on us kids.

Starting with the Las Vegs National where we had 21 cars qualifying for the 16 spots.  Our runs were 5.35, 5.35 and 5.33.  Only good enough for #16 in the quickest field in history.  Our 5.38 first round was no match for the number one qualifier Kim Parkers 5.29.

The following weekend was the West Region final race of the year.  16 of the 21 cars that were there for the National stayed for the Regional 8 car show.

We suffered parts damage on all three qualifying runs leaving us in the second alternate spot.

Onto Pomona for the World Finals.  Again, we had 20 cars for the 16-car show.  Runs of 5.42, 5.30 and a 5.32 put us in the #11 spot.  Not normally a bad spot but this weekend it means running Joey Severance first round.  Joey was on a mission to win the World Championship and used a 5.27 to cover our 5.37.

When the smoke cleared, we finished 13th in the World Championship points race and Third place in the West Region.

The schedule has not been confirmed for 2023 but it will be very similar to 2022.  Approximately 10 to 12 races.

We were very fortunate at Pomona to have a golf cart from Ralph at D&D Golf Cars, and plenty of Chocolate milk from Ray at Broguieres Dairy.

Thank you all for all you do for us.

Jerry Darien & Casey Grisel

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