Introducing SABER TOOTH Valve Seat Cutter Blades

Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutters

We're excited here at Goodson to introduce a game-changer in the world of valve seat cutting. The SABER TOOTH Valve Seat Cutter Blade is manufactured from a special alloy that makes cutting hardened and multi-alloy valve seat materials easier.

In tests conducted prior to the launch, the SABER TOOTH cutters provided up to 30% longer life. Every cutter blade in the Goodson line will be converted to the SABER TOOTH, starting with the seat cutter blades. We are blending the new stock in with the existing stock. You'll find a sticker on the outside of the package with the SABER TOOTH logo on it if it contains the new blades. 

Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutter Detail

Goodson is making things easier for you by keeping all of the part numbers exactly as they are now. If you ordered an FT-003B-HP before, that's what you'll order in the future. You'll be able to tell the SABER TOOTH cutters by the logo engraved into the surface. You'll also find the cutter's part number engraved on the back side for easy reference. 

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