M27-J55 (AG-300) : Sunnen Pin & Rod Fitting Gauge


Order No. M27-J55

An essential tool when reconditioning rods and pin fitting.

  • Dial reads directly in "tenths" (.0001")
  • Checks rod journal bore for distortion
  • Assures correct size to within .0001"
  • Easy to use, no "feel" required
  • Measures size instantly!
  • Wear-compensated gauge points assure permanent accuracy
  • Assures exact fits required by today's high tech engines

No rod should be reconditioned or pins fit without precise gauging. The only way to know the size is to measure the hole

  • Exact pin size is transferred to the AG-300 Gauge with a wear-compensated setting fixture 
  • Rugged construction - all moving parts are enclosed in the housing so they are never affected by vibration or shock
  • Range: .720" to 2.687" (18 to 68mm)
  • Includes setting fixture, calibrator ring, medium and large extension point sets, accessory case, mounting bracket and instructions

The only gauge made for both clearance and press type pin fits AND the journal end of connecting rods.

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