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Brass Concave Cup Expansion (Freeze) Plug


QualCast Expansion Plugs are produced from the highest quality steel in a wide variety of cup designs. For marine, performance, or heavy-duty applications we recommend brass or stainless-steel materials. We carry standard cup, shallow cup, and concave cup in all three materials, as well as in metric sizes.

Find individual specifications in the listings below.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
QC96500CCB Size: 1/2" | Outside Diameter: 1/2" | Part #: 96-500CCB $2.28
QC96750CCB Size: 3/4" | Outside Diameter: 3/4" | Part # 96-750CCB $2.28
QC96875CCB Size: 7/8" | Outside Diameter: 7/8" | Part # 96-875CCB $2.28
QC96937CCB Size: 15/16" | Outside Diameter: 15/16" | Part # 96-937CCB $2.30
QC961000CCB Size: 1" | Outside Diameter: 1" | 96-1000CCB $2.43
QC961031CCB Size: 1-1/32" | Outside Diameter: 1-1/32" | 96-1031CCB $4.78
QC961062CCB Size: 1-1/16" | Outside Diameter: 1-1/16" | Height: 0.185" | Part #: 96-1062CCB $4.62
QC961125CCB Size: 1-1/8" | Outside Diameter: 1-1/8" | Part #: 96-1125CCB $2.62
QC961250CCB Size: 1-1/4" | Outside Diameter: 1-1/4" | Part #: 96-1250CCB $3.20
QC961375CCB Size: 1-3/8" | Outside Diameter: 1-3/8" | Part #: 96-1375CCB $3.42
QC961483CCB Size: 1-31/64" | Outside Diameter: 1-31/64" | Part #: 96-1483CCB $3.75
QC961500CCB Size: 1-1/2" | Outside Diameter: 1- 1/2" | Part No. 96-1500CCB $3.78
QC961562CCB Size: 1-9/16" | Outside Diameter: 1-9/16" | Part No. 96-1562CCB $4.05
QC961625CCB Size: 1-5/8" | Outside Diameter: 1-5/8" | Part No. 96-1625CCB $4.52
QC961734CCB Size: 1-47/64" | Outside Diameter: 1-47/64" | Part No. 96-1734CCB $4.62
QC961750CCB Size: 1-3/4" | Outside Diameter: 1-3/4" | Part No. 96-1750CCB $4.73
QC961875CCB Size: 1-7/8" | Outside Diameter: 1-7/8" | Part No. 96-1875CCB $5.17
QC961937CCB Size: 1-15/16" | Outside Diameter: 1-15/16" | Part No. 96-1937CCB $5.63
QC962000CCB Size: 2" | Outside Diameter: 2" | Part No. 96-2000CCB $5.80
QC962062CCB Size: 2-1/16" | Outside Diameter: 2-1/16" | Part No. 96-2062CCB $5.90

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Proposition 65 Information

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