Metric Concave Cup Expansion (Freeze) Plugs


QualCast Expansion Plugs are produced from the highest quality steel in a wide variety of cup designs. For marine, performance, or heavy duty applications we recommend brass or stainless steel materials. We carry standard cup, shallow cup, and concave cup in all three materials, as well as in metric sizes.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
96-18MMCC 18mm Hole Dia. | 18mm OD $0.32
96-21MMCC 21mm Hole Dia. | 21mm OD $0.34
96-24MMCC 24mm Hole Dia. | 24mm OD $0.34
96-40MMCC 40mm Hole Dia. | 40mm OD $0.73
96-42MMCC 42mm Hole Dia. | 42mm OD $0.73
96-45MMCC 45mm Hole Dia. | 45mm OD $0.73
96-52MMCC 52mm Hole Dia. | 52mm OD $0.92