High Performance Lifter Bore Kits

Goodson Tools & Supplies

These kits are sized for high performance aluminum blocks such as Top Fuel Dragsters or Funny Cars with 1.0625" Lifter Bores or Top Alcohol Dragsters & Funny Cars with 1.0000" Lifter Bores.

Both kits include a 15" Slide Hammer Shaft, Slide Hammer, 2 Burnishing Balls, Lifter Bore Jam Nut and 1 Lifter Bore Brush. All items also sold separately.

LBB-1000-KIT includes 1.000" Diameter and 1.001" Diameter Burnishing Balls

LBB-625-KIT includes 1.0625" Diameter and 1.0635" Diameter Burnishing Balls

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
LBB-1000-KIT 1.0000" $184.99
LBB-625-KIT 1.0625" $184.99