High Pressure Cleaning Kits

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Connect the Water ... Connect the Air ... Select a Brush ... You're Set to Clean

  • Ergonomically designed grip made of billet aluminum
  • Incorporates the aggressive cleaning action of stainless steel wire brush with the hydro action of a special designed water manifold coupled with your shop air to quickly and easily clean oil gallery holes in gas and diesel engines
  • Standard kits includes and 18" or 36" long cleaning wand with pistol grip air/water manifold and 3 brushes (3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" diameters)
  • Cleaning wand is threaded to make brush changes quick and easy
  • Air/water outlet holes are drilled in a spiral to create a swirling action, enhancing the cleaning power

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HPOG-1000 Kit with 36" Long Cleaning Wand $329.99
HPOG-1018 Kit with 18" Long Cleaning Wand $299.99