60º Seat Centering Cones

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60° Seat Centering Cones are essential for proper installation of Bronze-Liners. Each cone has a .625" ID and come in a range of ODs from 1.0" to 2.5". Choose individual cones or buy the 7-piece set.

Tech Tips from the Goodson TechxpertsThe centering cone must fit the valve seat properly, so using the correct size is essential. This is NOT a on-size-fits-all tool. If you have a cone that is too small for the seat, it could slip through the opening. If you have one that's too large, the side of combustion chamber could interfere or you won't have enough of the cone in the seat area for it to be stable and centered. Essential when installing or removing liners by hand.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
CL-6310 Range: 0.970" to 0.730" $41.99
CL-6308 Range: 1.230" to 0.740" $41.99
CL-6306 Range: 1.475" to 0.805" $41.99
CL-6304 Range: 1.703" to 0.860" $41.99
CL-6302 Range: 1.950" to 0.875" $41.99
CL-6300 Range: 2.230" to 1.000" $41.99
CL-6312 Range: 2.550" to 1.875" $44.99
CL-6500 Complete Kit $249.99