40 Grit Silicon Carbide Cylinder Head Resurfacing Belts

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. SGS-10-103


These good quality black Silicon-Carbide Cylinder Head Resurfacing Belts are primarily for cast iron but can resurface aluminum if extra care is used. Down pressure is optional.

  • SGS-11-76 fits Winona Van Norman BG-600
  • SGS-11-79 fits RMC, Peterson RG-1203
  • SGS-11-89 fits RMC-800, Serv-Equip PG-1229
  • SGS-11-91 fits Peterson RG-1234 and Kansas Instruments
  • SHG-14-86 and SGS-14-86-60 fits Automotive Craftsman and is 60 grit
  • SGS-14-103 fits Master Tool
  • SGS-14-107 fits Kwik-Way 870 Master Surfacer
  • SGS-14-113 fits Storm Vulcan / Anderson AB-1000A, Peterson PG-1400
  • SGS-15-127 fits Storm Vulcan / Anderson AB-1504A, Anderson AB-1540, IDL HS-4350, Peterson PG-1500, Winona Van Norman BR-1500, BG-1515 and BG-152