Honing Oil And Flex-Hones or Plateau Hones

Honing Oil And Flex-Hones or Plateau Hones

By Jim Tapp,
Goodson Tech Services, retired

Last time, I briefly explained the differences between Flex-Hones® and Plateau hones. This time, I’m going to explain the whys and hows of using honing oil with these (and other) honing abrasives.

Let’s start with why you use honing oil.

There are a couple of reasons to use honing oil. First, the honing oil keeps the abrasive open. An ample, steady stream of honing oil is also necessary to flush away the swarf (used abrasive grit and cylinder material). This keeps the cylinder free of partially cut or rolled material that will abrade your new rings. It is just as important for deglazing, cleaning and maintaining the porosity of your honing abrasive.

Now, let’s look at which honing oil to use.

You will want to use the same honing oil with your Flex-Hones® and Ultra-Finish Plateau Hones as you used with your rigid cylinder hones.

Goodson honing oilFor a basic honing oil, we, of course, recommend Goodson HO-10 or HO-50 Clear Honing Oil. It is formulated for portable hones and all makes of automotive honing machines. This particular formulation will mix readily with other brands (including Sunnen®), but it is NOT water soluble.

Finally, how do you use honing oil?

The key to honing oil use is to use large quantities. An oil squirt-can may deliver enough oil to lubricate your push mower, but it is NOT going to be effective when you’re honing cylinders. A good solid stream of honing oil is essential to most hone sizing and finishing.

As always, if you have any questions about honing oil or honing stones, contact the Goodson Tech Services Department by phone at 1-800-533-8010 or 507-452-1830 or by email.

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