220 Volt Electric Rod Heater

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. ERH-2220
Description:  220V, 50/60Hz Electric Rod Heater

  • Twin 10-Amp elements are double insulated
  • Coiled heating elements surround the connecting rod eye for faster heating
  • High output heating elements require minimal pre-heating time
  • Elements operate between 140˚ and 750˚F (60˚-399˚C)
  • Cord features a "pig-tail" so you can hard-wire it into your shop's electrical service (be sure to check with an electrical contractor and/or your local building codes)
  • Opening measures 2-1/8" to fit most standard rod eyes
  • Double wall insulated heat chamber keeps the heat on the rod eye
  • Heating chambers are covered with a safety screen to keep out foreign objects
  • Rod supports adjust for height and distance allowing you to properly support the automotive rods you work on
  • Separate thermostatic controls for each element lets you find the "sweet spot" for each heating element, giving you greater control and the ability to work more efficiently
  • High intensity LED lamps indicate that the elements have power and may be hot
  • Toggle switches are protected by flip-up shields to prevent accidental activation
  • Includes digital time and a 450˚ temperature crayon (also available separately)
  • Shippable worldwide