3D Valve Seat Removal Tip Holders

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Use these tip holders with our popular 3-D Fast Cut system (and other multi-angle cutting systems) to remove valve seat inserts quickly and easily. Tip Holders include one tip and mounting screw.

For more information read our Valve Seat Removal Tech Tip.

Choose your holder based on the chart below (click on image for larger view):

Goodson Valve Seat Removal Cutting Range Chart


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Order No. Description Price Quantity
3D-1999C 3D-1999C / Standard $279.99
3D-2000C 3D-2000C / Standard $269.99
3D-2001C 3D-2001C / Standard $269.99
3D-2002C 3D-2002C / Standard $269.99
3D-2003C 3D-2003C / Wide Body $389.99
3D-2004C 3D-2004C / Wide Body $389.99