Magnetic Head Bolt Washer & Valve Spring Shim Removal Tools

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Use these Magnetic Head Bolt Washer and Valve Spring Shim Removal Tools from Goodson to quickly and safely remove head bolt washers and spring shims. The hollow design of these magnetic removal tools allow easy access over studs or mead castings and the powerful earth magnets grab firmly, letting you lift the washer or shim out easily.

Available as a set or individually.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
MWR-14 0.250" ID : 0.625" OD Washer Remover : MWR-14 $37.99
MWR-12 0.500" ID : 0.865" OD Washer Remover : MWR-12 $37.99
MWR-716 0.450" ID : 0.812" OD Washer Remover : MWR-716 $37.99
MVSR-2 0.780" ID : 1.355" OD Shim Remover : MVSR-2 $41.99
MWR-SET Complete Set : 1 of Each Tool : MWR-SET $129.99