CL-375 : Installation Tool Kit for .375" Bronze-Liners

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. CL-375

Installing Bronze Liners using our Master Tool Kits is simple. The Master Tool Kits for .375" Bronze Liners includes:

  • .375" Carbide Reamer (CL-2014C)
  • Bushing Kit (CL-2000)
  • Sizing Balls .375" (CL-5375) and .376" (CL-5376)
  • Sizing Ball Driver (CL-4444P)
  • Auto Liner Driver (CL-3506)
  • Trim Tool (CL-5600)
  • Trim Tool Pilot (CL-5624)
  • Valve Guide Brush (WCB-44)

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